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The Mindset and Confidence Course That Takes You From a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset 

As an International Business Coach. I know what it is like to have confidence combined with an amazing mindset. When you grow your confidence and increase the power of your mindset you can literally accomplish everything that you put your mind to. I also know what it like to suffer in silence.........

I welcome you to join me on a 21 day total mind shift transformation empowering your self confidence and crashing through every confidence and mindset barrier that you've ever had

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Bradley Chapman

Who Should Take This Mindset and Confidence Course?

Men and Women Aged 18-65 anywhere in the World. In fact anyone that is ready to make a real authentic growth change in their lives. It doesn't matter whether you are a stay at home mum or dad, a career minded individual or a business owner and entrepreneur. We are all aiming for one thing...........

A Total Awakening and Transformation of Confidence and Mind Shift to Increase Our Happiness, Energy and Positivity

The Best 21 Weeks of Life Changing Positivity, Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability, Belief and Vision and Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life

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A Complete 21 Week Course Delivered LIVE With Bradley Chapman Via ZOOM 

Every Wednesday | 7pm UK GMT | 2pm CST | 12pm PACIFIC | 3pm EASTERN

(1 x One Hour Session Live Via Zoom Delivered Over 21 Weeks)

Group Dynamics Are Incredible Where Everyone Motivates Everyone

Your Total Mindset and Confidence Course Live Coaching Content 

Exclusive WhatsApp Group (24 Hour) and Live Coaching Via Group Zoom Sessions

Total Confidence Transformation

Want to feel and look confident? Want to think positively and be in control out of your comfort zone? Want to get people to listen to you? This confidence course will show you how. You’ll notice an immediate difference to how you feel and come across.

Total Mindset Transformation

Ground-breaking growth mindset coaching with Bradley. Coaching you to develop a growth mindset creating motivation and productivity in your life, your business, careers and in your relationships.

Total Wellness Transformation

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is a dynamic process of change and growth.


You Have an Amazing Power Inside You. It's Time to Start Living The Life You Deserve By Doing What You Love The Most

It;s Time to Take Your Ability to The Next Level. Your Future is Calling You

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21 Weeks of One Hour Live Coaching Sessions 

Mindset Shift
Turn Problems Into Opportunities
Let Go of Your Past
Self Confidence
Cognitive Thought Process
Belief In Yourself
Speaking Confidently
Get Promoted
Double Your Business
Ultimate Relationship
Health and Wellness
Dress to Feel Great
Let Go of All Negative Relationships
Understanding Good and Bad Attraction
Inner and Outer Total Motivation
Total Mindset Shift
Confidence with Love
Release The Inner Beast
Seeing and Hearing For The First Time
Business Success Mindset


Plus Request Any Topic in Our Group and I Will Deliver It In Our Group Live Training


And Soooooooo Much More 

Read What Bradley's Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneur Have to Say

"It's More Than a Business and Entrepreneur Course
It's a Complete Global Business Opportunity"

Anthea Morthitis

I am so blessed to be a part of Yes You Can Authors group. Bradley is a phenomenal coach, he is clear and precise about his knowledge and even after publishing 2 books already I am amazed at the things I have learnt.Thank you so much Bradley. I’m already excited about starting another course with you – Anthea Morphitis

Anthea Morthitis
Minister Roy Reagan (Houston,Texas USA)

Bradley’s course is challenging, and pushing me in ways I never imagined. It’s cultivating skills I was unaware I possessed. That’s proving to be a monumental leap in self- awareness, and confidence. Bradley, I knew God favoured you, but had no idea the depth of personal development you operated in. Thank you. May Lord God’s grace and blessings continue to overtake you. Minister Roy Reagan

Minister Roy Reagan (Houston,Texas USA)
Stephen R Smith (Sarasota, Florida USA)

Bradley Chapman of Yes You Can Inspired To Achieve Author’s writing course is one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever encountered. A man who sincerely cares about helping people reach their fullest potential. After only three sessions so far I have come to a level of awareness that will assist me in achieving my goal of becoming an Internationally recognised Transformational Change and Empowerment Speaker. I highly recommend this course if you have considered writing a novel. Thanks Bradley and may God bless you in abundance.

Stephen R Smith (Sarasota, Florida USA)
Mannie Laverty (London UK)

Bradley Chapman of yes you can inspired to achieve is an amazing coach. I joined one of his authors writing courses. I always wanted to right a book just never knew how as I was stuck in a hard place. Joining his course not only helped me to write a book but also took me on an amazing life journey were I found my true self he really does empower you.

Mannie Laverty (London UK)
Laura Exton (Frome, Somerset UK)

I see now having space, the things that truly do affect me, and make me react, jump, think irrationally, feel needy, and have led me to a point where I’m writing a book, what I’ll do with it who knows, it’s called ‘The Fairytale Within’ I look forward to sharing it with you when it’s written. In itself writing it is a journey. Everyone of us has a book inside, I’m working with an amazing coach Bradley Chapman and group of great people all writing too. I know he has a new group starting soon so if you feel like it’s time to share your story to empower others then give him a shout. 

Laura Exton (Frome, Somerset UK)
Richard  Fey (Pontyprydd, Wales UK)

Bradley’s book writing course is pushing me in way that i never thought possible. Being a Hi Functioning Autistic is not easy but with the book writing course i am learning so many valuable tools about myself, my business potential and of course learning to write with flow and ease. I highly recommend this course – It is more than a course it is a complete business growth opportunity.  

Richard Fey (Pontyprydd, Wales UK)
Adam Chelton (Darwen, Bolton UK)

I never thought that i would be writing a book. Bradley has given the chance to become an award winning published author. I am finally telling my story, my life and my struggles. To be able to put it all down and now help others with mental health problems has given me the wings that i need to fly – Thank you Bradley this really is a life changer for me.

Adam Chelton (Darwen, Bolton UK)

Bradley's Has Worked With World Leading Brands and Fortune 500 Companies

From Walt Disney, The Spice Girls, Coca Cola, The BBC, Sky Sports, Capital Radio and More......

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Bradley's High Profile Interviews Have Included Multi Millionaires Around The World

The Net Worth Of Bradley's Clients That He has Interviewed is Over £4 Billion Pounds

Alfie Best 

Dr John Demartini

Brad Sugars

Greg Walker

Richard Farleigh

David Gold

Duncan Bannatyne

Debroah Meaden

Jacqueline Gold

Bernie Swain

Charlie Mullins

Marie Cosgrove

Bob Proctor

Caprice Bourret

Raymond Aaron

Phil Hall

Les Brown

Levi Roots

Douglas Vermeeren

Stephen Less

You Have an Amazing Power Inside You. It's Time to Start Living The Life You Deserve By Doing What You Love The Most

It;s Time to Take Your Ability to The Next Level. Your Future is Calling You

Subscribe at just GB £14.95 | US $17.95 | EURO €15.84

Payment Subscription is Per Week. You May Cancel At Any Time

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